Periyar Tiger Reserve  

Periyar Tiger Trail

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periyar tiger trail, periyar adventure trekking and tented camping periyar tiger trail

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Tiger Trail
Periyar Tiger Trail

Periyar Tiger Trail

The Trekking Programme starts at 09.00 am on the first day and ends by noon on the second/third day. Normally about 20 km trekking distance will be covered, though it go up to 35 kms depending on the trail chosen. Usually it may take about 4 hours to reach base camp. Enroute vegetarian lunch may be prepared and served. One may get a chance to encounter many indigenous Birds and mammals like Nilgiri Langoos, Sambar deer, Wild Boar, Indian Goat, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Elephants etc& During the trek, one will be crossing grass lands, teak forest and a wide variety of tropical trees and flowering plants. Your Escort/Guide is competent enough to explain details about these. Normally , the camp site is near to a water source. Accommodation will be in Tents pitched by your Guides/Escorts. The Tents are with side openings for safety and where the base camp has trenches, closed tents are also available. The armed forest guards and your escorts will be staying near you in a separate tent. Some members of the team will be staying awake vigilantly, watching over nocturnal animal activities. Watch the starlit night sky of the tropical rainforest, listen to the cacophony of myriads of crickets, frogs and nocturnal birds, watch the preparation of ethnic cuisine & have a sumptuous dinner under the million stars.
By watching the first rays of Sun, filtering through the misty mountains and the orchestra of thousands of beetles and birds, one gets an unadulterated impression of the different moods of mother nature.
After the simple breakfast, start the trekking through the forest, looking and learning, observing animals and birds in their natural environment. Some of them are most endangered and on the verge of extinction, which are now conserved and sustained for the next generation. A walk through the jungles offers an unforgettable opportunity for the visitors to have a first hand experience of the harmony and extra ordinary beauty of Mother nature.
Conservation by Sustainable tourism in protected area is practiced by limiting the number of visits to the selected area. Different trekking routes are carefully made with the expertise of the Eco-committee members and wildlife officer wardens. About 5 lakhs of tourists visit Periyar tiger reserve every year. To minimize the impact on the ecosystem, only a maximum number of 20 people will be allowed to participate in the Tiger Trail Programme every week. And only five visitors are allowed at a time.
The camping sites are ideally located near water sources. The safety of the visitors are of highest importance, hence all the trekking groups are accompanied by armed forest guards with communication facilities and are geared to face any emergency situation.
Why comprise for a 5 star hotel dinner while we offer you a million star dinner. The ethnic food consist of mostly vegetarian items available locally. It is prepared by trained members of the team. The food is prepared in front of you hygenically and just for you only.
It may not have the variety of a 5 star Hotel but after the trek through the forest path your mind filled with impressions of wonderful indegenous plants and flowers, birds and butterflies, your muscles spent up by walking up and down, your stomach will welcome the fresh ethnic food.
Cherish the gentle scented breeze of forest air, followed by the murmur of leaves, under a million stars.

Periyar Tiger Trail One night camp
Facilities:- Guide, food, trekking, rafting, tent
Tariff :- INR. 5000/- per head + park entrance fee.

Periyar Tiger Trail Two nights camp
Facilities:- Guide, food, trekking, rafting, tent
Tariff :- INR. 7000/- per head + park entrance fee.


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Periyar Tiger Trail
Periyar Tiger Trail
Periyar Tiger Trail
Periyar Tiger Trail
Periyar Tiger Trail
Periyar Tiger Trail
Periyar Tiger Trail
Periyar Tiger Trail
Periyar Tiger Trail
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